Playing in a Poker Tournament

To play in a Poker Tournament is exciting, this is where players compete until the last player is left standing. A Tournament can consist of as few players as two or as many as tens of thousands, if you are playing at an online tournament poker game.

Tournament poker has been growing in popularity over the past few years; winners of the game are generally the player that wins every chip in the game. Other players are then awarded places, dependent upon the time that they have been eliminated from the game.

To facilitate this… throughout the duration of most tournament blinds will be raised. However unlike cash poker games chips cannot be cashed out for money, as they only serve in the determination of a player’s placing.

As exciting as it is to Play in a poker tournament, before you grab your chips and chair you need to know a little about what kind of poker tournaments there are.

Although this is useful information in a casino environment, it’s even more important to understand in online poker rooms, where there are many variations of a theme.

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Types of Poker Tournaments.

Single Table Tournament.

In this type of tournament you will usually find 10 players around the table. The entrance fee for the tournament will give all players the same number of chips.

Players are “eliminated” when they lose all of their chips with the winner being the only player at the table with chips.

Multi-Table Tournament.

Most multi-player tournaments are played in a similar way to the single table tournaments with 10 people around each table, but there are a number of tables and consequently more players.

In some multi-player tournaments as the players start to be eliminated and tables have less players, the remaining players are moved and the number of tables reduced until there is one final table remaining.

The elimination process continues down to the final Heads Up between the last two players in the tournament to decide the winner.

Another way that multi-table tournaments are played is that each table plays until a winner is announced, and then the winners from each table in the tournament face off in a final table to decide the tournament champion.

This is also known as a shootout tournament.

Rebuy Tournaments.

A rebuy tournament will allow players who face elimination the opportunity to pay an additional fee in order to continue with the game.

This is only for a limited amount of time, and means that the more aggressive players who want to chance their luck at power playing their way to an early tournament lead can do so without fear of being eliminated.

Satellite Tournaments.

These are very popular with the online community in particular where amateur players want the chance to play with the professionals but don’t have the necessary entrance fee.

Where most people will pay the required tournament fee, there are preliminary tournaments for a nominal cost (or perhaps free) which offer a place to the next stage tournament to the winner.

The satellite player advances through the various preliminary rounds until eventually they are awarded their prize, a seat in one of the prestigious poker tournaments – a prize often worth many thousands of dollars, and one that offers the opportunity to win a much bigger cash prize at the main event.

One of the most popular features of many online casinos, sit and go tournaments, are offered with a variety of fee brackets.

If you want to try your luck at a tournament, find the sit and go tournament page at your chosen poker site and choose a game that fits your chip stack.

As each tournament fills up the game begins so usually you are not waiting too long to start play.

Most of the above tournament types will pay a stated amount to the winning player.

How many other players get paid depends on the rules of the particular tournament.

Paid placings may be limited to only the winner, or could be as many as 50% of the players.

Read the information for each tournament carefully so you know what you’re aiming for.

As mentioned, as exciting as it is to play in a poker tournament, you do need to know a little about what kind of poker tournaments there are.

Understanding that this is useful information in a casino environment, it’s dose become more important to understand it in online poker rooms where there are many variations of a theme.

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