Winning Poker Hands

Without fully understanding how winning poker hands work, it’s very hard for any players to consistently pull off wining at any poker game. While relatively straight forward at lower levels of hands, the higher ‘winning’ hands interchange with one another depending on various factors, including whether you’re playing one type of game or another.

Additionally, knowing which hands win based on various games will allow players to accurately calculate pot odds, implied pot odds and reverse pot odds more readily, letting them decide if they want to remain in a hand or fold and sit this one out.

As there are 2,598,960 different distinct hands, and of them, the highest chance you’ll receive a ranking hand is around 42% (pair) and a less than 0.002% chance of receiving a straight flush (and less for a royal flush), the chances of you making a winning hand are less than one in two per hand.

We have covered each hand type, the odds of creating it in a couple of key games, and information on how to decide, crucially, whether it’s worth pursuing.

Why the composition of winning hands are important.

If you know what beats what in poker and what your winning hands in any given game are, you can use them to calculate pot odds, implied pot odds and more, giving you a better indication of whether to play a hand or not.

Crucial understanding of winning poker hands will also decrease the chance that you’ll make a mistake, gambling on a weak hand – and because knowing the winning hands will increase your chances of spotting a less common one such as a flush, or royal flush, and allow you to bet more confidently.

Knowing winning hands will also allow you to tighten your play style, without impeding on your overall strategy and might also allow you to plan better strategies that fall within your play style.